Watch this space for news about our dance academy

Commence Saturday 17th April

Half Term after classes Saturday 29th May

(7 Weeks)

Re-Commence Saturday 12th June

Finishes after classes on Saturday 17th July

(7 Weeks)


Not only do we have an excellent 100% pass rate:

Our grade results are all in the DISTINCTION or HIGH END MERIT range (with our High End Merits candidate results only 1-5 marks off a Distinction!)

Pre-Primary in Dance is offered as a Class Award through the RAD Syllabus structure due to the young age of the candidates and every candidate entered has successfully passed in the top categories for each section not included in the percentage statistics below.

Winter 2017- 71.428571% and 28.571429% 

Winter 2018 - 75% Distinctions and 25% High End Merits

Spring 2019- 50% Distinctions and 50% High End Merits



Well done to you all!

This Policy is acting as an agreement for acceptable terms and conditions for a safe return to physical RAD Ballet classes in a hired facility.

This Policy is compiled to specifically to adhere to current UK laws, guidance and regulation.

Re-opening has involved collaborating to discuss re-starting face to face classes and Risk Assessments have been completed.

I would like to share with you how we plan to open as fully as possible in the Summer term. Our overall aim is to provide a timetable of lessons in a safe environment, opening from Saturday 17th April. Please ensure you have checked your child’s class, bubble group, starting date and time all of which are on the timetable attached to this email.

We are all operating under new guidelines, conditions and requirements which are continuously evolving following government information.

On April 12th a Welcome Back to RAD Ballet email will be sent to all parents/guardians with attachments for everyone to read.

The most important factor to plan further was to gauge the opinions of parents/guardians of students and receive pupil confirmation to place students in bubble groups appropriate for their ages, abilities/Grades and examinations

Appropriate class sizes are a key factor in determining return to the studio.

Current advise is 15 in a bubble group and NHS advise is maintaining a 2- metre policy.

  1. Our Bubble groups are 8 students or less (Well under 15) So smaller classes

  2. Our studio allows excess of 4 – metres between students (Doubling the 2- metre policy)

  3. Hand sanitiser/handwashing is essential. Hand sanitiser is required directly on entrance at the hand sanitiser station.

  4. A Catch it, bin it! approach directly into a sealed bin must be applied and if coughing please teach your child to cough into the inside of their elbow.

  5. Anti-bacterial spray will be used on students’ shoes on entry.

  6. No props will be required or used during classes.

  7. Non slip coloured rubber spots will be placed inside the auditorium clearly marked to stand on. They will be changed for each class. They will then be sprayed and left for 72 hours (Actually for us a whole week! As I have sufficient packs)

  8. 15 minutes is allocated for a safe transition and changeover between classes. No crossover of groups and permits cleaning time.

  9. A safe area is designated within the hired venue should a student fall unwell/show symptoms away from other students until a parent/guardian can be contacted.

  10. At present temperatures will not be taken at the door but this may be reviewed at a later date and is subject to change. Each parent/guardian will be required to sign their child/student in weekly (As Below on YOUR PART).

  11. Face masks at present are not compulsory for Dance classes. Again, this may be reviewed at a later date and subject to change.

  12. If a student is taken ill once the student is isolated and contact made with parents/guardians’ all activity will cease others will be informed that they may have been exposed to COVID-19

  13. Notifying local authorities if justification so requires

  14. All students in the class and anyone that may be infected must self-isolate and not return to class for appropriate number of days

  15. Many of you like myself are currently taking 2 lateral flow tests per week however as not everyone maybe undertaking flow tests it is important that all of the above is practiced as all times!



  • Please bring child/students completely changed ready for class including tidy hair! There are no changing facilities permitted! (You will be required to remove their coat/outdoor shoes at the entrance and take them with you until class finishes)

  • No water bottles or any other belongings from home.

  • NO CHARACTER SKIRTS/SHOES these will be specifically requested after half term for Grade work and students will again arrive ready changed!

  • Arrive and remain outside the Auditorium DO NOT ENTER THE AUDITORIUM UNTIL REQUESTED TO DO SO.

  • Please wait on the 2 metre markers outside.

  • Arrive 5 minutes prior to class TIMING IS ESSENTIAL/NO LATE ARRIVALS PERMITTED.

  • Wait outside to collect your child promptly.

  • Toilet use although provided is discouraged where possible as classes are now only half an hour. Please go before arrival.

  • Your signature will be required weekly as a parent/guardian. This will act as a register to save time inside confirming attendance and most importantly that your child/student has not been in contact with anyone showing signs/symptoms of Covid 19 and are well showing no signs themselves.

  • Your signature will act as agreement to Track and Trace being implemented should needs require and that you will disclose should either you, a member of your family be required to track and trace. If a member has been requested to be tested / shows symptoms that Self isolation is followed directly following under government guidelines.

  • Asthma Inhalers are permitted and will be placed by the student on a chair at the front. Please make sure it is labelled clearly.

Remember our goal is to work together and your compliance is essential.

  • Your weekly signature confirms your child/student has not had a fever in the last two weeks

  • They do not have a cough or breathing problems

  • They have not lost or noticed a change in their sense of taste or smell within the last 14 days

  • They do not have increased fatigue

  • No-one in the family that you/they live with has shown any of the above symptoms within 14 days?

  • That you have no known exposure to someone diagnosed with Covid-19 within the last 14 days.

I would be very grateful if you could talk through these arrangements with your Daughters/Sons prior to the start of term. Of course, this message will be reiterated at the start of term through myself.

All of these plans are subject to change as new information becomes available. Any alterations will be implemented in line with the consistent aim of providing a safe, positive and happy learning environment. I have really missed teaching our students in person since the lockdown and am excited to welcome them back.

This concludes my emailed letter and acts as our home – dance college agreement.

With very best wishes

Yours Sincerely

LC Fairweather-Chapman