Watch this space for news about our dance academy

Commence Saturday 27th April

Half Term after classes Saturday 25th May

Commence 2nd half of term Saturday 8th June

End of Term after classes Saturday 20th July


Not only do we have an excellent 100% pass rate:

Our grade results are all in the DISTINCTION or HIGH END MERIT range (with our High End Merits candidate results only 1-5 marks off a Distinction!)

Pre-Primary in Dance is offered as a Class Award through the RAD Syllabus structure due to the young age of the candidates and every candidate entered has successfully passed in the top categories for each section not included in the percentage statistics below.

Winter 2017- 71.428571% and 28.571429% 

Winter 2018 - 75% Distinctions and 25% High End Merits

Spring 2019- 50% Distinctions and 50% High End Merits

Well done to you all!